The first steps in the Creative Industries

As the title of the blog suggests (“eruditio” is Latin for “learning”), this virtual space is for the outcomes that come from learning – from university and my current Masters in Advertising and the Creative Economy, from interacting with people, from a book, from an article.

My first steps in the Creative Economy were very special, thanks to the amazing people who made the effort to organise the best induction and workshop I have honestly taken part in so far. In a room full of fresh and enthusiastic MACE (MA in Creative Economy) students, Eewei Chen – ┬áDesign Director at BSkyB directed a very enlightening workshop which resulted in 6 small tech startup opportunities by the end of the second day.

While the secret to how he managed that will remain with me, I will share the key points that I took away. It doesn’t matter what stage of your career you’re in, this might come in handy:

  • a great idea is not enough but it can get you a long way
  • nothing is as simple as it seems, but with the right steps the result can be gratifying
  • understand, don’t assume, what your customers want
  • persuasion and pitching is the bottleneck
  • don’t cling to an idea if it’s not worth it
  • be different and actually solve a problem
  • and have fun along the way

With these first lessons in mind, I feel more prepared for the semester to come and I hope I provided value to the reader as well. As a present for the weekend to come, enjoy this motivational video from Ira Glass about doing creative work.