May modern art be derived from modern consumerism?

The social event of the art world in London?

Frieze. A bit of background research and it’s easy to see why: the top 170 galleries of the world parading their most precious belongings, be it White Cube and Gagosian or small focused galleries like One and J. Gallery exhibiting only one artist.

Although I am not a modern art enthusiast, it has definitely made me more open-minded and I have tried to understand it by relating it to the modern era. Nowadays, we appreciate what is different, what stands out, what we can customise, the value that we can express in a price beyond the actual worth of the object. Do you disagree? Think about Linux, viral campaigns, Pandora bracelets and Apple products. Now transfer this to modern art: it’s definitely different from the traditional sense, it stands out through unique approaches, we “customise” by attributing different meanings to it and the value and price of artworks becomes much greater than the worth of its components.

Time and time again, I’ve read and had evidence that creative people need to be surrounded by music, art, film and travel in order to enrich their knowledge and be inspired. And to have had the change to go to Frieze London with my fellow MACErs is a really one of a kind experience for which I express my sincere gratitude.

I have learned that art is personal and that is what makes it so special. And when your own personal experience matches that of the artwork’s creator, then you’ve reached another level of understanding. On that note, Frieze has art for more than one level of understanding: for the keen, for the knowledgeable collectors and for those of us (myself included) who need a hint to decipher.

Piece from a South African gallery, I interpreted it as angels of death

Romanian art piece from the 1980s symbolising the wish to be broken free from communism from an outside force

I might be wrong, I might have fellow thinkers, but I understand modern art in a certain way. What is your way?


One thought on “May modern art be derived from modern consumerism?

  1. I agree that art can be viewed on many levels. I have personally avoided the Frieze Art Fair in the past because of being over saturated with imagery – and to be honest – how to interpret it. I often find myself just saying ‘that’s nice’ which, I appreciate, is the very worst thing I could say. Having said that, on a personal level, I actually found myself enjoying, appreciating and being inspired by the work. But for ‘those in the know’ I now think of ‘art’ as a language which I’m not yet invited to speak.

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