Debating 101 – Geography and creative clusters

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” – Albert Einsten

I know what you’re thinking, another quote by Einstein as if he were God. Well, no. Even though research shows the source influences the quality of an idea (so you’ll agree with Einstein just because he is considered one of the greatest minds in history), I chose this saying for a different reason. Because I think understanding, unlike knowing comes from a much deeper level. And I think one way to understanding is debating.

This relates to the debate I experienced on Friday about the geography of creative clusters. The typical academic method of teaching pupils involves making them read texts they might not (always) comprehend, re-spilling it to them in class and trying to get some sense out of what they retained from them. Involving them in a debate on the topic, summarising and questioning what they read is, I think, a better method.

That being said, we didn’t conclude whether geography is a must in the creation of creative clusters, but it is a definite influence maybe not because of the resources it offers, but because of the human clusters that (organically or governmentally) form in certain areas rather than other. Does it puzzle you? Think about the all-too-famous Silicon Valley, it might not have formed because there was unused land on the West Coast, but because little by little, like-minded people starting gathering there. They started companies, which attracted investment, employees, more companies, more people interested in that topic, in a vicious circle. Even now, if you would like to work in the tech industry you would think of getting a job there. But can London become a Tech City? We debated that, but watch the video and tell me what you think.


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