Challenges of start-up challenges

When people hear the word start-up, different reactions arouse:

1) Not another one! what’s happening today with everyone starting a business?

2) So exciting! This is going to be great and we’ll make a lot of money!

3) Oh no! Not the “s” word. I’m too scared to do that.

As part of my course in Creative Economy, I am taking part in a start-up challenge channeled by Young Enterprise with the short-term aim of practicing what I learn in the Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship course, and the long-term goal of learning how to run a business – as a future endeavour or simply an insight.

If you want to learn more about what the company I am part of does, stay tuned and look for my future posts. For now, I want to tell you about the process that goes on before having the Eureka moment when you’ve found a business direction. You see, in a normal context you have a group of friends with a business idea and boom! start-up step 1 is accelerated. In the Young Enterprise context, you have to work towards that step of becoming friends and figuring who’s good at what. And then you have to agree on a business direction. Sounds easy-peasy right? Not.

I must say my fellow business owners are a lovely group of people and the chemistry was very good from the start. We joke and mess around when it is the case, we’re serious and kill our brains when we have to. But the business direction is a bit harder to figure out. Not because of lack of ideas, but because we are so eager to get it right. And here comes the first lesson of design thinking: FAIL OFTEN AND FAST. It still sounds easy-peasy? I warmly invite you to experience it. And I’m not being sarcastic. Even if the process seems slow, there are so many lessons from all the kicks in the…posterior part of our body, that I’ve never felt more knowledge coming at me at once.

It all ends with getting an idea, getting followers for it, getting customers for it, that provide more customers, and before you know, you’ve created something and helped others on your way. Much like these leadership lessons from a dancing guy. I’ll guarantee you won’t have wasted 3 minutes of your time by watching this. It won’t get clearer than this.


7 thoughts on “Challenges of start-up challenges

  1. great post and great video 🙂 I agree that getting that first idea is the hardest part, but I’m not sure you can call it an “Eureka*- moment, I think it’s more of a growth, with everyone in the group building on each other. Would you agree to that?

  2. Excellent! But also makes me think we should meet more often to compare notes and ideas. Do you notice how sometimes you get an idea from what somebody else says?

    • Yes, I agree with both of you! It is a group effort and I believe inspiration comes from all of us. What I meant by a eureka moment is that moment when everyone is excited by the same idea and it catches momentum inside the group to hopefully spread outside to customers.

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