Viral marketing gone wrong

Buyral is a company who has understood the idea of viral marketing in the worst way possible. You can pay them for clicks to your video/campaign/idea/website which is not at all what viral marketing is about. Following the Design Thinking class on Friday and our discussions about the importance of co-creation, online presence and the role of the Internet in business models, I want to draw attention to this particular company so take a look at their presentation video.

The term viral marketing is used to describe a communication effort in the form of advertising, guerrilla marketing, sponsorship and so on, that gains popularity in the online environment through the spreading of the effort with the help of users, thus gaining popularity. What this company does (and you can check their website here) is make a video, for instance, seem popular through a big number of views. What they don’t realise is that viral marketing is about gaining popularity by spreading the word, not by a number of likes or views.

HOWEVER, you can easily notice that there is something fake about the video, the sarcasm with which they promote the service is rather dubious. Which makes me think that what they were actually trying to achieve is making their own company viral through spreading this video through people like me who blog about it. In this case hooorah! Congratulations on a creative idea. If it’s not a joke, than it’s really sad.

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Viral marketing gone wrong

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  2. You can definitely scream ‘hoorah’, as John St. is an advertising company from Canada, who made this video as a commercial for their company and work. As they emphasize social media, this ad is a brilliant ploy to get possible customers interested!
    Check them out here:

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