Forget Google glasses, this is the “new” future

It depends how you think when you use design thinking. Here is an example: if you observe that people are limited by their environment in what they want to do, you might be tempted to believe that a product like this might be the solution.

At this stage, this is just a concept (I hope) rather than a product. Living in an almost completely digitised world where the food in your fridge is tagged, where you share in your social networks by simply thinking of it, where you access information in your eyes about the person you’re on a date with does not make me think this is the solution to a problem. I don’t even consider it a problem, but yet again, it might just be me. As Bruce Nussbaum, a design thinking advocate argues, this type of thinking was adopted and utilised in a faulty manner by turning it into a process that could only deliver incremental innovation (see full article here). So design thinking was used to argue for something, rather than as the basis for innovation and creation. Which I think is the case here. We don’t actually need to be so digitised, do we? Let me know, I must just be the odd one out.


2 thoughts on “Forget Google glasses, this is the “new” future

  1. I agree with you, this is a horrific thought: knowing everything about everyone. You know those people who have a medical condition which makes them never forget even the tiniest bit of input they ever received? Those glasses, if you link them to Wikipedia and social networks, would basically do the same. Does that mean that we are now at the stage where we want what others treat as an illness?

    That is not a very calming thought, is it?

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