The story of Tabli: Chapter 1

In an earlier post I was commenting on the challenges of start-up challenges and mentioned that during my MA in Creative Economy I have started a business with 4 other people. We’re called 42 and I want to share with the story of our product: Tabli.

Once upon a rainy day, we empathised with mothers who apart from their own work have to keep the house clean, the children tidy and the dinner cooking, becoming supermums. So we 42, as a fairy godmother decided to give them a hand and create what we called a kids safe attention distraction system, or in marketing terms: Tabli – a chalkboard placemat for your child’s (supervised) creativity. One that he/she can draw on and even if they smudge the tablecloth, it’s only chalk, it will come off in the washing machine. A product that is easily washable and hassle free for mums. A product that comes with chalk pen holders to keep the child’s fingers clean before dinner and chalk out of his mouth. How does it look like?



And we didn’t stop there…



But don’t be fooled into thinking that this was easy to get to. It took testing and Dexter gloves…



…it took attention to detail and careful crafting…



… and it lots of pizza. Business people have to eat too!



And what you saw is just the prototype. It’s where we’ll look back in the future and say: “This is how Tabli began…” And until then, follow its adventures in the real world here on this blog. It will be available for sale soon!


2 thoughts on “The story of Tabli: Chapter 1

  1. Thank you for your nice words. But who is this highly proffessional crew you describe above? Is one of them advertising Pizza? Is that man in the background demonstrating kung fu? And what will happen next..? I am left with so many questions

    • The highly professional crew is a company called 42 and they don’t advertise pizza, they just eat it. Lots of it! I don’t know who the king fu man is, but follow the posts to see how the story continues 🙂

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