An idea to end the year with

We survived the dreaded end of the world yesterday and we’re trying to gain our stamina back for a new term in MACE. It’s been tough, it will probably get tougher next year, but we’ll make it. I’ll end my year with these words of young wisdom (I’m only 22, what could I know?). I’ll be short, promise.


Whenever it is tough, it means you’re going somewhere. In my first year at uni we received a speech from a popular Danish motivational coach, Rasmus Ankersen. He gave me one of the guiding principles in my life: if you want to be better and make progress, get out of your comfort zone. Now that is the idea I’ve feared the most ever since I was little, I used to cry when my parents left me with my grandparents for the summer and then cry when they took me away. Yet, in my moving from country to country to find my place, I have been proven that it is right. Getting out of your comfort zone – be it moving to a new country, speaking in class when you are always silent, asking for jobs, asking the boy you like if he wants to be with you or not – will always get you somewhere. The most it can bring you is success, the least, a lesson learned. Anyway, you won’t lose.

So take this thought into the new year and may you get somewhere with it, no matter how little you think your success is.

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going” – Beverly Sills



3 thoughts on “An idea to end the year with

    • I’m really glad I could help 🙂 I know sometimes things seem tough and hard but later on you’ll see you learned something valuable. Your brother should just think about where he wants to get and what he hopes he’ll learn every time it’s hard.

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