A new year, same old story

If I were to jump on a time machine and go back a year right now, I would find myself desperate and at the verge of tears because I wasn’t able to find a dissertation topic for my undergraduate studies in Marketing and Management Communication. Here I am, one year later in the same position, same month, same desperation. But as the experience last year taught me, once I have something to work on, I can do a damn good job on it.

“Without a goal, it’s difficult to score” – Paul Arden

This is also partly the reason why I haven’t updated the blog in a while, I’ve been lost in the search for a topic. And lost I still am. I’m lost between the interesting ideas I find and what is strong enough for a dissertation or measurable enough, I’m lost between what I like to do, what I can get a good mark on and what I am afraid to do. There’s no point in hiding it. It’s an honest confession that at some point in our lives we all get lost and it’s intimidating.

But I know what I love: writing. I know what I am passionate about even though people through rocks at my passion: advertising. And somehow I know that if I keep searching, I’ll find my dissertation Holy Graal, if I can make that analogy. I just wish that if anyone else is reading this and feeling the same, from my own experience, you will look back and think “what was the whole fuss about?”. It’s just now that’s hard. But good things have never come to me without hard work.

Now I’m going to pass the floor to Steve Jobs for 1:30 minutes of wisdom. He might have had a horrible personality in the eyes of many, he might have turned his passion into obsession, but in my eyes he is one of the best motivational speakers. Just try and listen.


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