Tabli Chapter 3 – An unexpected twist

Remember in the previous chapter when I said that I’m really excited to see what happens next? Well, I promise you this my dear reader, you’re in for a treat!

After the Kingston Market Square Fair, where we won the Best Sales Team prize for our guerrilla marketing, the next challenge was going through the Dragon’s Den organised by Kingston University. A day of terror, anxiety and excitement to show what we have done to make Tabli an amazing product and what 42 has achieved as a company. So here we are, right before the pitch, ready to go in and face the Dragons.

photo-2It appears 42 did an excellent job at selling Tabli, not only to our customers, but also to the Dragons. Our introducing sketch in which I played the annoyed little sister to my older brother Ray conveyed the message clearly about who we are targeting and what Tabli is good for. Then Stine wooed the judges with our impeccable finances (done with the help of our clever MD) and we worked so well together as a team that … *insert drumroll here*…we were selected to pitch again in a face off with Ferox and two undergraduate teams (out of the 19 teams competing). We conquered that battle as well and we are now representing London with Ferox at the Young Enterprise National Final!

I have to admit I was really overwhelmed by all of this at the beginning as that would entail a whole new report, a whole new presentation, another Dragon’s Den and a whole lot of preparation. After all, we can’t disappoint the judges with the honour that we’ve been given.  And so far, we’ve done quite well. Our script is written and our business advisors are pleased with us, we just have to prepare, prepare, prepare! But our enthusiasm for Tabli will keep us energised. 

And then this week I also had my beloved boyfriend’s birthday, I had some issues with my dissertation and the proposal, I had to move out of my house and continue working on my projects as deadlines are fast approaching. And on top of everything we had our last classes yesterday which made me extremely sad. The geek in me loves learning things and going to uni and meeting amazing people and friends, and now all of that is gone, leaving a daunting dissertation instead 😦 

One thing’s for sure, these are times I will never forget.

Coming up next…

Wednesday is the Young Enterprise National Final and my next post will tell you all about what will happen there. Exciting times ahead so watch this space.


2 thoughts on “Tabli Chapter 3 – An unexpected twist

  1. I’m also thinking: what is the geek in me going to do next..? Oddly enough we don’t look particularly nervous in that photo (apart from Ray). Looking forward to your version of the whole L39 thing 🙂

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