Life 39 floors above

It’s 9:30 am but it feels like I haven’t slept at all. I’ve been twisting and turning and dreaming about nasty judges. I don’t know why though, as we have rehearsed countless times both our pitches and we are prepared for the worst questioning. You’ve guessed it: today is the Young Enterprise National Final where Tabli is representing London together with Ferox. I get dressed and head off to meet the rest of my team and our supporting advisors: Bracey, Fazl, Janja and Gerry for breakfast at Carluccio’s in Canary Wharf. A coffee and croissant sounds nice right now, but the anxiety is building up.

After taking the wrong exit at the Tube stop, I use Reuters as a guidance to reach the square in front and meet everyone. “Ah, here she is!” It appeared I’m a bit late but everyone is smiling and happy and positive, so that calms me down a bit.


I sit and think: wow! I’m in such a nice place. I’m not the one to be excited by buildings, but Canary Wharf has this energy that just pulls you in. As someone would later say that day: It makes you feel important.

So after a quick bite, we head to One Canada Square, the second largest building in London, to get our badges to go in to level 39. Little did I know at that time that L39 actually deals with entrepreneurship and is highly involved in supporting people in that respect. So we get there and as soon as I see the windows, I run to get a closer look. The view just leaves me…breathless.


I never thought London could be so awe-inspiring. I am quickly pulled back to set up the stall and we are informed of what is going to happen throughout the day. We were lucky 42 was selected to do the investor and the public pitch first, I hate having to wait for these things to happen. For the stall, we decided to go with a childish theme integrated with our branding which would make full use of Tabli.


And Ferox styled it up with an unusual stall, yet highly fitted to their stylish Tagline.


Seeing everyone formally dressed all day, in such an elegant and fancy building, so high above that people were really really tiny, the cars seemed to be toys and Thames merely a little stream, I felt strangely confident. Confident that having made it so far, I’m finally prepared to be part of the professional world. We had a great team of advisors who kept our morals up all day and when it finally came to it, everyone could see the amount of work we’ve put in. You could tell which teams were the Kingston University teams, and the crowd loved our presentation.

And then the awards ceremony came. Unfortunately, 42 didn’t win any official award, though the judges stopped by to tell us that we had done an exceptional job and it was hard for them to make the decision. We were pleased that Ferox received the award for best presentation, although there was a shared feeling that they would have deserved more.

And as quick as it came, the day passed. So did the clouds on top of London. And all that’s left is the memory of the success we shared for even being there, for seeing how loved we are – as some of our MACErs came to support us – and for the people we made proud. Sadly, the night ended with goodbyes as Ray and Janet have gone to other paths in their life, but there’s always September to look forward to.


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