It’s getting personal, bad for you!

I’ve recently attended the graduation of my boyfriend who was awarded a First Class Honours Degree so in order to show him how proud I am of him, I thought a special gift was in order. Since he has already snatched a job as well, I thought a business card holder was a good choice as a serious, practical gift with the extra touch of engraving it to make it more special.

So as any digital native consumer, I searched the web for the company who would provide the best service for me and I decided to go with If only I had known, I would have been wiser than that. Part of my decision to go with them was the fact that they advertised a dispatch within 24 hours and that they offered a luxury gift wrap. Although the wrapping was an extra £5 and I knew I could have done it cheaper, I said luxury must count for something. I was expecting a nice box in which the holder would fit in perfectly, perhaps sat on a little foam and fabric bit to make it stand out. But I expected too much.

After 2 days of checking my account to see if it’s been sent, I decided to send them an e-mail to see what’s going on. To which I was replied this in what I found a very condescending tone from Mr Deric Tose from customer service.


Because the order was placed at 17:32 on the 15th we began this order the following day and it is now due to be despatched today after 24 hours. Your order was despatched on 17/07 by Royal Mail 48, which can take 2-3 working days for delivery so it could still be in the post on its way to you.

All I wanted to hear was a quick sorry, it’s on its way, but oh no! Notice I didn’t deserve a ‘Dear Anca’ either, which they decided to add in the email asking me to review, so they can be nice when they want to. I really can’t figure out how you can’t make an order and dispatch it the same day if that’s what you advertise for. Fair enough, the time of order was late but one would think that in the morning they make the order and send it out that same day.

And that’s not all, when I received the ‘luxury wrapping’ was not at all luxurious. The ribbon was cheap and badly packaged in the delivery box so it was all wrinkled in a very ugly way (I expected wrinkles but not like that). The box was one of those £1 boxes from Clintons and the wrapping paper was awful. So I rewrapped it in another paper and fitted a nice luxurious ribbon to it.

Long story short, I’ve had enough of getting personal with this site. No more again!


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