Last square, Milka’s take on the Coca-Cola campaign

It’s not often you see that companies actually change their products specifically for a marketing campaign. There’s the huge success of Coca-Cola in Australia and then Europe with the names printed on the bottles or cans in order to increase sales. At the time when I discovered the first campaign from Australia, I wrote a post on my old advertising blog, which you can read here. I was amazed at the simplicity of the campaign designed to simply sell. Which ultimately what every ad should do as Master Ogilvy once said.

After Coca-Cola’s worldwide success, another company changed their product for a campaign, but it wasn’t one I would have thought of. Milka, the chocolate company, introduced a campaign in which you could send the last missing piece of a bar to a friend, or claim it back through the post. This might sound simple, but it actually meant restructuring the production of the bars. The ‘Last Square’ was introduced to the French market and you can see a presentation video below.

Question is, will it be as successful as Coca-Cola’s campaign? Does it have the same drive to make people buy? I could have an indefinite collection of bottles with my name, but will I want to send a piece of chocolate to all my friends? In a digital-driven world, this campaign seems to combine a good amount of new media and actual physical product promotion. We know chocolate is on everyone’s craving list but does it have the power to entice for more. I think yes, but for a short term. Is it enough to make you buy? Tell me your thoughts.


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