Not for the fearless

It’s been 3 months and 13 days since I last published something on this blog and I feel weak even writing this. I kept postponing to write something because I thought comebacks should be strong and powerful but I’ve finally come to grips with the thought that my comeback will be humble. But by its sheer existence it will demonstrate that I’m still here. I’m still battling the dragons of finding a job within marketing, I’m still on a wild path hoping it will lead to the advertising world. Truth be told, the more I stray, the more my hope gets feeble, but it’s still there.Image

So why have I disappeared? Well, unemployment was never an option even if it meant I will postpone my dream of working as a copywriter or in marketing altogether. So I went for its distant cousin called sales and hoped I’d learn a thing or two while I keep searching for my destination. The company I’m learning this with is not really important. What matters is that I’m still here, still longing to write, still searching for purpose…so let us begin this year by being humble, hoping it will lead to great things and excusing a shaky comeback.


4 thoughts on “Not for the fearless

  1. I know exactly how you feel, also on a very wild path. (It took me six months to put fingers to keyboard). And you’re exactly right- a shaky comeback is a comeback nonetheless.

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